Why BEA Membership Matters

You need your union to negotiate for you.

School employees cannot negotiate for themselves without extensive legal knowledge, time and money. If you should run into some impasse at the bargaining table, the pressure you could exert as an individual would not be sufficient to get your contract settled.

You need your union if you become involved in litigation connected with your job.

You would no doubt find it difficult to afford the legal fees and/or salary losses. The automatic MEA/NEA member benefit of $1,000,000 professional liability insurance coverage provides the necessary protection when you are involved in a civil suit as a result of a school related incident.

You need the union to utilize mass purchasing power to provide mass buying power.

Insurance of all kinds, MEA sponsored credit cards, student loans, travel programs, tax sheltered annuities, auto/truck purchase plans and discount purchasing are provided as an economic benefit to you.

You need the union to work for better educational legislation at all levels of government.

The association can provide leadership in the determination of what is good legislation and lobby on its behalf. You as an individual can not afford numerous trips to Lansing and Washington, D.C. to work in this area.

You need the union to change public opinion about school employees and education.

The association provides the necessary resources, expertise and power to influence public opinion. A positive educational image is achieved through the united efforts of your association.


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